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Should this be added?

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  1. Hello Spigot,
    I want to suggest adding a configuration section, this has been suggested before, but the previous threads were locked and lack of any good explanation of what it should do, and how it should look.

    What would it do?
    It would add the opportunity to add configurations for your plugin, allowing for a greater audience, or help for people that lack of configuration skill. In this part of a plugin page plugin-developers can add multiple configurations to their plugins, instead of just planting them into the main page. If the developer wants, other people can add configurations too. You could also add reviews to configurations (Not needed, but would be a great function to see what configuration is mostly appreciated). This place could also be used to explain how the configuration works.

    How would it look?
    The configuration section would be a different tab on your plugin page, for example the MapCanvasAPI from @RubbaBoy

    This should give you a pretty good idea of how it should/would work. My web developer skills aren't the best so it looks like nothing. You could also show the config on the page itself. You can add as many configurations as you'd like.

    Hope this idea gets somewhat implemented. Let me know if you have any questions/doubts.
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  2. Unless there's already a xenforo add-on that allows people to do that, the Spigot Forums staff won't add it since they probably don't have the resources to create an add-on for it
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  3. Honestly one of the better suggestions out there at the moment for creating a configuration section.

    We already have the wikis but they stand far away from the resource pages at the moment, maybe an tab like this would be a neat integration of wikis into resource pages but that's whole different suggestion on it's own ;)
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  4. Or indeed a tab for the wiki, it just looks alot neater than

    Click here for the API and wiki for the configuration

  5. Because we needed more spam instead of ClearChat scripts and "sistem" plugins.
    There is MC-Market for a reason, just post them there. If not then have a separate resource or .zip with like 10 configs in it.
  6. Benz56

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    As mentioned, this is a way better solution than a standalone resource category for configurations.

    That being said I don’t see this happening. We’re maybe talking like 1-2% of all plugins that could benefit from that extra tab. As well as the fact that the configurations have to be maintained as more configurable options are added to the plugin.

    Good suggestion though it probably won’t happen.
  7. Up, wanting to know more about others their opinions.
    Going to work on a better prototype soon.
  8. Actually suggested a configuration section thingy at the resources-tab above a few weeks ago, but I have to say, this is a way better alternative. Also having the ability to disable/enable it for each plugin would be great, as some devs maybe wouldn't be fond of it.

    Even though 1-2% of all plugins would benefit from it, it *is* 1-2%. I don't see maintainance as a real issue here if I'm honest, it's something the community would do to help each other.
  9. TheJavaHacker


    I mean, strictly speaking it's not a TERRIBLE idea, as it would allow for customers of a plugin to be able to view the default, INTENDED version of the configuration file and perhaps may be able to be used to explain what each config line is for instead of Maxim's wall of spam when you go to edit any config for Featherboard 3.