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Easily add a confirmation to your commands !

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    Confirm Menu - Easily add a confirmation to your commands !

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  2. Just an idea. Can you add 2 types of confirmations for different commands? Such as to type "Confirm" in chat and this GUI system
  3. Yes ! It is a good idea I think to add that in a next version thank you very much !
  4. When will u add?
  5. This will be added in the week :)
  6. @Choubatsu The functionality that you proposed was added during the last update (1.0.8) !
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  7. Text confirm doesn't work, also I think lower and upper case sensitivity is messed up.
  8. I will try to solve this problem right away ! Can you tell me that it is your version of spigot (or paper) and that of your minecraft server ?
    I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused, I also invite you to join on discord server to try to solve the problem: https://discord.gg/jePdbjT
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  9. 1.12.2 paperspigot
  10. Thank you :) Do you have errors in the console?
  11. okay.....maybe you don‘t like that,anyway no problem to me, (of course it my poor english)