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  1. Hi there! I think Spigot should implement a "Confused" rating! The reason for this would be to get the point to the user that they don't comprehend what they are saying. This would also prevent bumping posts that make no sense by saying "What?" or similar so that they didn't get attention when they don't even make sense.

    I think this rating should be negative or neutral. It could be neutral for the fact that it is just to convey the thought to the OP that they're post is hard to understand. It could be negative so that posters try to be more eloquent in how they post.

    I hope this made sense (10/10 pun). Tell me what you think :3
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  2. Question is, will it be negative/neutral/positive?
  3. Oh yeah I forgot that :p It would probably be negative due to we want the forums as easy to understand as possible for everyone right? It could also be neutral very easily

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  4. should be neutral imo
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    Neutral. Having negatives would drastically affect my Internet points.
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  6. Honestly, when people are saying things that don't make sense, very often Spigoteers will rate "optimistic", commonly used as a replacement for the negative "disagree" rating which was removed. It was removed because when people were getting in arguments, they would go through their "enemy"'s posts on a witch hunt and rate them all disagree, making them look bad.
    I feel like this same problem may arise if the rating were neutral or negative, no one wants a lot of those ratings.
    If someone has said something that doesn't make sense which you cannot find a post rating for, simply reply and tell them what is confusing. A lot of the time the person whom wrote the post would feel that what they said made perfect sense, and simply leaving a rating to say it didn't make sense will confuse them and possibly anger them, and then we're back to the witch hunt argument again ^^^
  7. it should be neutral. it's not something bad, it's just something unknown.
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    Since we don't have one yet, you can use these in your replies for now lol.