Connect to other servers which you do not own?

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  1. Hey there!

    I'm wondering, is it possible to connect to servers which you do not own? Like just adding a external server to your config whiteout having to change anything on that other server?

    This network is doing something like that, not sure if they use BungeeCord, but I think so. At Uberminecraft you are able to submit your server, and it will be added. I * think * they did that with BungeeCord, but how?

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    The server would have to have your bungee in the bungee-proxies, or else they would all be from the same IP, meaning if one of them broke the rules on that server and an admin banned him, all your users would be banned. It could also create problems with xAuth and sessions (if you're cracked) meaning people could hack other players and even admins easily.
  3. I'm running a server @ online-mode and we'r not using IP bans.

    But the thing I might be interested in is creating a server network where other server owners can add their servers to a main hub. Tough, I do wan't to keep it simple for them.
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    Hmm, might work, but all players would connect to the main server ip.

    I personally wouldent recommend it, because putting lots of servers to a hub ruins the community (Think about DubCraft. 1000+ players, but no community).

    So yea, if you're online-mode, then you can go for it, but just be warned that all users will be connecting from the same ip.

    Of how to actually do it, i do not know. You would have to ask someone else for that piece of info.
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  5. True. Tough, if I will be hosting something like this I will only host for Dutch players, which aren't a lot. Hopefully someone knows how to use BungeeCord in this way.
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    I would recommend you use something like BungeeChat+, just to keep all players in good communication. Would probably help community a load.
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    Roblabla helped me out in the chat!
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