Connecting 2 Bungee Servers?

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  1. I heard this was impossible in the past, but I was thinking; how so?

    How can't you set a bungeecord server to connect to another bungeecord server...
    If anyone has a tutorial or if you can simply just... do it. Please tell me :p
    I plan on setting up an arcade separate from my main hub (but able to be connected to my the main hub) and when you leave a game, be disconnected to the bungee hub.

    Or also this:
    Is it possible to move all players from ONE server to another server?
  2. It is possible to send them, but I only know a way to do it as a player: /send all <servername>

    I'll try to connect 2 bungees in one network and inform you about progress :)
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    Do you have more than 1000 players?
    If you answered no to any of the above questions, please do not do this.
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  4. AlexM850


    If you use bungee, you can use /send current <ServerToSendTo>. To send them to another server within the same bungeecord network.
  5. CCT


    You don't have to do anything special to do this.