Solved Connecting:RuntimeException : Server is online mode! @ net.md_5.bungee.ServerConnector:265

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  1. Hello Spigot Users,
    Yesterday I've bought a Linux VServer because I want to make a BungeeCord Server. I've finished and all Servers start as well. But now when I try to join there is that Text after 3 seconds: "
    Connecting:RuntimeException : Server is online mode! @ net.md_5.bungee.ServerConnector:265". What is the problem please help me. In the Bungeecord config I have online-mode to true and in the it is on false !
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  2. Your spigot instance is in Online Mode, this has to be in Offline mode
  3. I fixed this problem I just deleted the servers and installed against. And no it was on offline but it showed that it was online :/
    Can join ;D