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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Kompye, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Hello,

    Recently I've encountered some problems with griefers that connected to my server using some kind of localhost method. Anyways, someone helped me fix it over Discord and showed me that he could connect to my network using "localhost". I asked him how he did that, if he just made a proxy and added one of my servers to it and he said that it's more than that and he would rather not tell me how he is doing it because it could be used in much more bad ways. I'm still curious though how he did that and why he didn't want to tell me. I don't want to use the method but still why would it be so secret?
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    Are you using BungeeCord and running on multiple dedicated/virtual servers? If so then you most likely have not configured your firewall correctly and your Spigot servers are accessible from the outside. Make sure to follow the firewall guide. And if your Bungee and Spigot servers are running on the same machine then you should make your Spigot's listen on localhost only and not on a public address, then you wouldn't even need some special firewall rule to prevent connections to them.
  3. Umm I already said that I fixed it. It is a single machine dedicated host. I’m just curious what he meant when saything that it’s more than using a proxy
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    He is probably lying or using some separate program/mod that does exactly the same thing as running your own Bungee would be.
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  5. So it isn’t some crazy griefing exploit?
  6. No - it's the same old thing that's been used since like 2014. If you firewall your spigot servers properly, it is impossible for someone to connect to them from the outside
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