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  1. I am in the process of partnering with many servers by allowing players to connect to their servers (most of the servers are networks). I have the plugin messaging setup (our spigot servers -> our bungeecord server) but the problem is their BungeeCord is in online-mode. I understand how servers underneath BungeeCord have to be in offline-mode. Is there a way to bypass it in my specific situation. The servers we are partnering with wouldn't mind setting their BungeeCord to offline-mode and having a plugin do the authenication from Mojang and keep their skins. What I am trying to avoid is getting players to join the partnered servers by typing in their IP. I already have a way to connect them to an IP using the Bungeecord API and I tested it with a cracked server (problem as mentioned above is that we are doing online-mode servers).

    Edit: allows Premium Players to join on an offline-mode server and it is open source. I wonder if it can be edited in a way to allow only premium-players to join. @games647

    Edit2: This is probably unsolvable and I should just have players use an IP to connect to sponsored servers.
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  2. But I am developing on BungeeCord and that is where the problem occurs? A plugin message from a spigot server tells BungeeCord to connect the player to a certain server.
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  3. This could probably be rigged with proxies and some people with advanced knowledge of networking - i know some big servers use different machines in their networks.
    Just with bungeecord, it is impossible.
  4. Don't big servers have you stay on a BungeeCord server the whole time but use something like Round Robin DNS to connect you to a random (or calculated) BungeeCord instance?
  5. Im definitely not an expert in this area but what about connecting to the server behind the other networks bungee server? Like cant you just go straight to their lobby instead of through the 2nd bungee? That way both "fronts" are still in online mode and the others are ip whitelisted to local host and then your ip aswell? I dont know if that opens up any holes in your network or not :/
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  6. If I go directly to their lobby, the player won't be under their bungee.
  7. I think the first question to ask is why do you need a player going through 2 bungees? I think a better solution would be to have both bungees connected to the same servers and send people to a random one of the 2 for load balancing, etc...
  8. We are partnering with other servers and we are trying to have the minimal setup needed for them. You solution wouldn't work :p.
  9. You might be able to set all bungee coord instances to offline mode and then on every instance you add all the other instances as servers. Then with a bungee coord plugin you need to make sure that when you join to bungee coord A and through that to bungee coord B and that when you want to go back to bungee coord A you don't have this: bungee coord A to bungee coord B to Bungee coord A. But just to bungee coord A.
    And then you could use a Plugin to check if the account is premium but it could be that because bungee isnot in online mode that skins would just be default. This is I think because the GameProfile class instance for the player isn't correct.
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  10. The issue with connecting to a bungee though a bungee, etc... is that you add delay in a client's connection. If the connection between bungee A and bungee B takes 20 ms, then the ping of the clients on bungee A will be 20ms higher than those on bungee B. Routing people through multiple bungees will damage your player experience. It'd be much preferable to find a solution where multiple bungees have the same servers connected.
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