Connecting two dedicated servers together on one Bungee Server.

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  1. Alright , first this is my error:
    This is what I'm attetmpting to do.
    Node 1(Main Node) has the Bungee IP (Dedicated) with some other servers.
    Node 2(Second Dedicated server) has a test server on it.
    What I'm trying to do is allow me to do /server <servernamefromnode2> be accessible.
    That error in the puush is what happens when I try to connect to a server from the second dedicatedserver.
    Any special listeners or setups I need to do?

    Edit: Re made the post because the first one obviously wasn't clear enough .
  2. Bungeecord config please
  3. libraryaddict


    You using backend ips?
  4. If you are trying to connect to the second node using a ip like 192.168.... that wont work use the isp's/server ip that public people connect to :p
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    It will work.
    Just need to disable the local ips thingy in the config.
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