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  1. I was a co-owner on a server a while back that was slightly successful and I'm planning on creating a new one this summer. I click on every server link I see, just to check out people's servers and catch some inspiration. One thing I noticed is that most of you don't connect with your players. Thought I would share some ideas I've found from some of the successful servers I've came across.

    Create an Instagram, and encourage players to share pictures of their builds, raids, etc. for rewards.

    Give players rewards for creating YouTube videos on your server.

    If you are selling certain perks/permissions or ranks, let all players redeem those perks one time for say 7 days. It's very simple to do with Buycraft. Say one of your VIP ranks or donor perks has /enderchest command. Well create a 1 time 7 day /enderchest permission players can redeem from the Buycraft shop. This also kind of forces everybody to see what else you have to offer on your Buycraft shop. I've done this with player join kits and it drove my donations up. Or say you have different ranks like Knight, Warden, King, etc. Let people redeem the lowest tier for free for 7 days.

    Don't just straight up sell VIP/Donator items. Give everybody, even non donators a chance. Create CS:GO Cases or Key Crates out of them. Use an alternative currency like PlayerPoints to buy them with, and then give PlayerPoints via voting and sell them in your BuyCraft shop. People will just keep buying the cases and crates. Not one person hates gambling. :)

    Have ultra rare items, like only 1 on the server. Like on SaicoPVP (CreepersEdge), a cookie with Knockback X. Host events every weekend or once a month where these items are won. Could use the YouTube or Instagram idea above and give winners the ultra rare item.

    If you are running bungee cord, let players set their own spawn. Nothing is more annoying then having to spawn at hub every time you login, when you only play one server.

    And most importantly, don't be so uptight. A server where mods stalk people in vanish, use socialspy, warn people for saying butthole, etc. is the most annoying thing you can do. Just let people play and have fun.
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  2. Bookmarked ;)
    I'll add a prison server to my network and test out the trial thingy
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