Connection Error: disconected

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  1. Hello everyone. I have a problem with my Bungeecord, when I try to connect to it I am automatically logged with the message: disconected
    I looked at the console and I have an error message when I try to connect, here with my logs, I use the latest version of Bungeecord:

    And this is my run.bat

    Thank you in advance for your help.
    Sorry for my bad English, I use Google translation
  2. Wow, first time I see this error.. @md_5 could help you. :)

    Code (Text):
    Caused by: java.lang.SecurityException: Can not initialize cryptographic mechanism
    Caused by: java.lang.SecurityException: Cannot locate policy or framework files!

    Your errors!
  3. Thank you, I continued to search the internet still pending.

    Edit: Problem solved ! I changed the cp180 by UTF8 is the issue is resolved, thank you
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