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  1. Hey guys,
    For the past week, I've been having some lag issues with my server. Timings showed that it was the "Connection Handler" causing the lag, but it didn't guide me into the correct direction to fix it. I was finally able to get a WarmRoast profile. Would anybody happen to know what's wrong? It seems that when the lag happens, one of the threads on the server maxes out at 100%. Thanks.

  2. Just investigated this issue on Daegonner and setting the following option in spigot.yml seems to have fixed it:
    Code (Text):
      tab-complete: -1
  3. Just tried this :) I think it worked. Thanks for the help man
  4. While that is a quick solution - your ultimate problem is PEX.

    If you got rid of PEX you wouldn't have this issue and you could have tab complete.

    And it would speed up your server all around.
  5. We use zPermissions
  6. Then its possible its doing something bad in hasPermission too.

    The OP's screen shows PEX taking up a lot of time in hasPermission due to it checking permission on all the commands in the tab complete.

    Slow hasPermission is going to have a massive impact all around on a server.
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  7. Well, it was quite strange because we'd be perfectly fine for weeks, but then just as each weekend comes, the same issue happens. Would it have been possible that somebody created a L7 flood that exploited this?
  8. No, that profile report very clearly shows PEX is your problem.