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Connection Lost: End of Stream

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by bad339, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. When logging in with Bukkit, the client connects immediately, but with Spigot, it will first give a "Connection Lost: End of Stream," and upon logging in a second time, it will connect. Not a huge issue, but it can be quite annoying.

    Tested with the Spigot recommended build and the latest Bukkit Dev build.
  2. CustomForms

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    Client issue, not spigot. All you have to do is close your client and reopen it or wait a good few minutes and log in.
  3. I've tested this on multiple computers (not all local to server) and it happens to everyone. The only reason I'm making this topic is because this doesn't happen on bukkit, and it happens on every computer I've tried or someone else has tried.
  4. CustomForms

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    It's a client, connection issue. I have had this happen once to me when I used to use bukkit, so I can conclude it's not spigot. When the issue arises, try logging into any other server, it will say the same thing.
  5. Just logged into another server, worked. It seems mine is the only server this happens to.
  6. CustomForms

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    Unless you don't have an error log, we can't really help. At the least we need for info.
  7. I guess that's it then; my server is experiencing no errors. I was just seeing if this is a common thing because it seemed to not happen before 1.5.
  8. md_5

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    Make sure you have the latest version. This was an issue for a few builds.
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  9. Seemed to have fixed in latest dev version compared to the recommended build. Thanks :)
  10. SuperSpyTX


    I think the issue may stem because you were using the 1.5 client and not 1.5.1. Either way, I might update Spigot like md_5 said to do here.

    EDIT: I had this issue too.
  11. I was using 1.5.1 client, if I wasn't, I wouldn't be able to connect to my server..
  12. CustomForms

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    1.5 clients can connect to 1.5.1 servers and 1.5.1 clients can connect to 1.5 servers. Both 1.5.1 and 1.5 clients can connect to 1.4.7 servers with spigot protocol enabled. Don't see your logic.
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  13. I'm saying that I was running 1.5.1 client on a 1.5.1 server, and I do not have spigot protocol enabled.
  14. CustomForms

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    You were saying you has to have a 1.5.1 client to log on to a 1.5 server. I showed you that your statement was incorrect.

    On topic: Try one of the latest spigot builds.