Connection of two separate machines to one Bungee network.

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  1. Hello Folks,

    I'm really getting mad with Bungee Cord....or with other words.
    It drives me crazy ;-)

    First thing to say,..I'm familiar with firewalls, port forwarding and all this stuff.
    I'm running MC servers for several years on my own and externally hosted hardware.

    At the moment I'm running a small Bungee network on a machine with 4Core,I7/ 14GB,1000GB,SSD.
    These servers are running perfect.
    But.....and here my pain starts.
    I am running a second server on AWS.
    This is just for testing.
    A micro instance running Windows Server 2012.

    I am unable to connect this second server to the bungee network.

    Here is my config for the Bungee:

    Here is a sample of one of the Spigot Servers on the local machine:

    And this is the server properties on the external server with another IP:

    The IP you see in this config (server-ip= is not the external IP.
    I can't bind this server to the external IP because the port I use is forwarded through a security appliance.

    But even if I use a machine not behind such an appliance I'm not able to connect an external IP to this proxy.

    I assume the following:

    Bungee server = IPA
    Connected Server local IP = IPB
    External IP of Connected Server = IPC

    I do not enter the IPA into bungee config but I bind it to to allow connections from external hosts.
    I put IPC into the config for the external server in bungee config like this:

    restricted: false
    motd: '&d Welcome to BTH-Network AWS'

    I'm not sure what to put in the external servers file.
    Shall I put or the local IPB there,..or the IPC which is going to externally used? (Which doesn't work because I can't bind to that)

    I'm really confused which IP to be put where.

    Whatever I try I always get the following error:

    Could not connect to default or fallback server, please try again later:

    Can anyone help me with this issue please? Please!! ;-)

    Very many greetings to my future network hero! ;-)
  2. Guys!!!

    I have to answer my question by myself.

    The IP'S and all configs are perfect.
    If anyone else has this problem you can use this setting.


    In AW (amazon EC2 cloud environment) you need to configure and apply a security group. This has to have all the ports associated to your spigto server in it aswell,....and, has to be applied to your network.

    In management und networks,....right click and apply your new rule.

    You get a micro instance for free for one year.
    1GB RAM, 30GBSSD 1CPU.
    For testing perfect!

    Greetz and neverteheless thanks everyone for reading!!


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