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  1. Hi, I'm having a problem with my server.
    I have users with very bad connection there are times when they can not access my server with the IP

    The only solution is direct connection with the numerical IP, this is quite annoying that just happens to users with 200-280 ping
    Here I leave a photo of errors

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The user who took these pictures had 300 ping
  2. Bad dns server? Or the user is far away From server physically. I would do a ping and trace route on the ip of the user.
  3. Hello I have it in my DNS in CloudFlare
    not if you know what this means?
    users have very slow connections
    that is why they can not access the server with
  4. Have you set up the SRV records properly? Also if you have cloudflare proxy enabled for that ip it will delay it as traffic will have to pass through there. Might help with DDOS attacks though.

    If its just a few users having this problem i would assume the problem lies on his end.
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  5. Dns you have established with that company is currently casionandote errors which have to do with the connection thereof, you must have encuenta that even your machine is housed next to your home if the domain is for example in the UK and your in Canada will get a poor connection.