Solved connection was forcibly closed by remote host?

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Help' started by Fluxty, Jun 2, 2016.

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  1. I've got a fresh dedi server up with bungeecord and a 1.9.4 Spigot lobby.

    Now, I can connect to the server fine, but after 5-15 minutes I am disconnected with the following error in my client: "Internal Exception: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host "

    In the Spigot server console, I see this: "User Fluxty has disconnected, reason: Internal Exception: Error while read(...): Connection reset by peer"

    Also, I'm using a Multicraft multi-server setup for the servers (and SFTP for files). This is what is showing up in Multicraft on the Bungeecord server before I crash (I've noticed this multiple times):
    [Server] INFO list
    [Server] INFO Command not found
    [Multicraft] Ping timeout! Restarting server...
    [Multicraft] Stopping server!

    I can connect and play on any other Minecraft server just fine with no disconnect problems. I have tried multiple versions of BungeeCord and the error happens with and without plugins.

    I have a dedicated 1 GB of RAM to the Bungeecord server, and another 1 GB to the Spigot 1.9.4 server (which eventually will be the hub.) I'm the only user connected. The servers are connected through and the Spigot server is on port 25566; Bungee on 25565.

    Is this error related to Multicraft? Is there something I should be disabling to get Bungeecord to run on it properly? Thanks for any help.
  2. Hey guys!

    I think I solved the issue, going to test it now. If anyone encounters the same issue: Disable "crash detection" in the advanced settings of your Multicraft panel for Bungeecord!

    Multicraft tries to run the "list" command on the Bungee server as a "ping" to make sure the server is online. When Bungee doesn't recognize the command and returns nothing, Multicraft thinks the server has crashed and restarts it.

    I don't know why this disconnects me when I'm connected to the Spigot server exactly, but they seem linked. I'll edit this post if this fix works.

    EDIT: Yup, 30 minutes no disconnect. Thought I tried everything then I posted this. Turns out the answer was much simpler than the one I was looking for. My bad!
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  3. In the Bungeecord template file or something (haven't used multicraft in ages) you change the command that it uses to "glist" so it will restart if it doesnt receieve and output from that
  4. Yeah I found this:

    Just putting it in the JAR directory did the job.
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