Considering Bungee setup; do I add more RAM, more CPU, or should I get a whole 'nother machine?

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  1. My dumb butt was gonna use sockets for cross-server communication LOL. I don't know why I hadn't considered Bungee before but I took a good look today and it looks perfect for what I need.

    I've been wanting to add a new game mode to my server. However, my idea was for this new game mode to be a whole new server, which would have everything I couldn't add to my main server either due to compatibility reasons or theme mismatch. Luckily Bungee supports varying server versions, which is really cool.

    I don't know what to do hardware wise though. I got a VPS with four cores and 12 gigs, with 10 gigs allocated to Java. I could split up the RAM according to which server ends up needing more. Adding cores and RAM are possibilities. What about storage? Would it be too much load to run two servers on the same drive? Or would it be convenient to add a SSD and put one server in it? Capacity won't be a problem because the new server will have a small border, but adding an SSD does ramp up the bill a little. Or do I just need to get two machines for playable performance?

    Thanks in advance for any input!
  2. Hello I recommend having two bungeecord separately in another machine this has many benefits among others avoid overloading and in case of a fall you have another bungeecord to cover the fall

    With 4GB of RAM you have more than enough for your bungeecord, try not to overload bungeecord with unnecessary plugins

    I recommend these plugins

    I recommend this bungeecord

    this plugin is very useful
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  3. if you are going to have about 60 users with 2gb it is enough (in my experience) you should also add security as antibots so that the ram bots do not run out.
    check out the bungeecord configuration guides in the forums

    and in a matter of cpu the Bungeecord does not consume much than digamis
  4. Add up SSD is enough for ur case, unless ur network is going be like 500+ players, u could consider redis and etc. software to decrease load on the harddisk, i personally host 25+ servers on a 2.0GHz x32 with 32GB ram, and there is no any problem yet even with 100+ players, also, by having all the server on one machine, you dont need the worry the internet delay (ping) between the bungeecord and spigot servers, if u harddisk is really not fast enough, then just use redis, cus i didn't use redis untill recently discovery it...
  5. how much RAM do you allocate to the servers? 25 servers on only 32gb ram sounds undoable, if allocating 1gb or more to them
  6. i allocating 2 GB to each of them, well sinces im a minigame server network, most of them actually use like 512 MB only because there is waiting players and no one inside, so the server is actually in idle mode, even that 100 players in the network, the ram only use up to totally around 25GB, and yes ofc, if more player number increasing will crash the server but i can add more ram to fix that and im planning to do that