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  1. Greetings, I was wondering if anyone know of a way to add a configurable timer-command to the Multicraft console?

    (Im talking seconds, not minutes) So I can make multicraft run the command, and the command would start a countdown.

    (Without using a script, but only a plugin)

    *Set scheduled task in Multicraft console ->every 24 hours -> Runs command: /countdown 1

    *"/Countdown 1" would run these commands:
    /Broadcast 59 seconds untill something happens..
    /Broadcast 58 seconds untill something happens..
    /Broadcast 57 seconds untill something happens..
    /Broadcast 55 seconds untill something happens..
    (I dont need it to actually do something, just display this text)
    .. Etc
  2. Ok then install a plugin called skripts And write a small script inside that plugin to do this for you its Simple
  3. Not updated for 3 years, and can you tell me what the script would be if so?
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  4. Check the config in the plugin description, they work pretty fine to know how the plugin works.
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  5. Thank you!