Console Error Then Server Crashed

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  1. The server was fine one moment then suddenly there was intense lag and everyone was kicked. Then this error showed up in console: . Console isn't responding and no one can log onto it. Also all mcmmo parties were wiped for some reason.

    My server is a Spigot 1.10 server.
    Server Startup:

    There are a TON of issues happening afterwards including:
    - A regular player joined and it welcomed him as if he were a new player. It wiped his inventory and he spawned at spawn.
    - Tons of lag
    - All mcmmo parties were wiped
    - Probably more I will discover eventually

    What's causing the error and how can I fix it?
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  2. Code (Text):
    25.05 18:35:40 [Server] ERROR gvlfm78.plugin.OldCombatMechanics.module.ModuleAttackCooldown.onPlayerQuit(
    Looks like it's OldCombatMechanics.
    Try contacting the developer of about this problem.
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  3. what ram assignated ?
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  4. It's not even a memory problem, if it was a memory problem, it would have said something like this.
    Code (Text):
    2013-06-18 17:39:29 [SEVERE] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
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  5. this the error the ram is minimum up 2gb
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  6. this error is for the event no for the reason of server crash
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  7. Can you Solucionated the problem ?
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  8. What?
    The error is in the server crash.
    First of all, check your grammar. I don't even understand what your saying? Could you explain it more
    clearly please.

    There's a edit button for a reason.
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