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  1. Hello, I am looking for a console plugin to be made or if there is already one that'd be great. But the problem is screen only allows one person to view the console and it needs to be remote so you don't need to have console or ssh access to dedicated server in order to view console. Is there a plugin for 1.10 or recent versions of minecraft that supports this? Thanks :)
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  2. Bump
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  3. What to you mean with "a console plugin"? You can use rcon... (Enable on
  4. Thanks and thanks :)
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  5. @VentureForo two things, please mark this thread as false and please only
    every 24 hours :)
  6. Every 45 mins
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  7. @VentureForo it's every 24 hours, or at least that's what people expect...
  8. Screen does support multiple attachements..

    screen -rx

  9. It does??
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  10. Yes, that was the command to use, it will attach to a session and not detach it if its attached elsewhere.
  11. Thanks mauh :) Another thing, is there a way to pico session number so if you have a lot of sessions open you can see excacly which one you need to open?
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  12. I would not recommend screen for that purpose. Instead, I would use tmux (terminal multiplexer). It is a project that is still active and allows for multiple panes on multiple windows on multiple sessions. And you can list and name sessions and windows to see what one you want to control. Here is a good tutorial if you want to look into it.
  13. Yeah I got it now screen -rx
    But thanks :)
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