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  1. Hello,

    i have been searching for a plugin to hide some specific messages on my Bungeecord Console
    i have this annoying message
    my console keep getting spammed by it, i once tried to change the way bungeecord connect to MySQL, they told me to turn off SSL thing, but i guess it didn't work,
    so now i have a Plugin called Console Spam Fix on my Spigot servers and by using it, i can hide any thing i want from the console, so i have hidden all this SSL thing on it,
    so im here asking if there is a plugin or a way to stop this spam on my Bungeecord console,
    Thanks a lot for reading my thread,
    kind regards,
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  2. Niall7459


    Enable SSL and install a certificate
  3. how to do that ?
    a note, i have my domain from NameCheap and my VM from OVH
  4. Install a free SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt which you can find here.
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  5. so after i install it
    do i have to setup it with MySQL or it will work without me doing anything ?
  6. Then you just gotta enable SSL.
  7. i started setting it up and i got an Error with my domain
    ill send you the error in a private message, i wish you help me
  8. Create a new thread for it, I am not quite experienced with installing SSL's in terminals, I've only done it succesful but not with errors.
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  9. i think that you have problem in the mysql database
  10. Nope.