Console spam

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  1. are you on latest spigot/bungee? what plugins do you have installed?
  2. Hello, we need more information what is your problem ?
  3. Looks to me like a developer left in some debug messages in one of your plugins
    (I do it all the time, so I can't judge!) Send us your plugin list and we can probably figure it out.
  4. help me pls
  5. Why do you have 2 DeluxeMenus and 2 Residence jars running at the same time?
    I also don't see you on FeatherBoards buyer list:

    I don't give support to leakers so I won't be replying here any more. Though judging by the immense amount of premium plugins on your server, I am going to go ahead and assume that none have been paid for. Have a nice day.
  6. Thank you!
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