Spigot ConsoleOnly - Anti-Tab 2.0

Blocks commands by adding them in a List!

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    ConsoleOnly - Blocks commands by adding them in a List!

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  2. recommending added block OP using anti /pl or what ever it is and add a bypass perm
  3. Also when i removed the prefix to the plugin i see a space still maybe fix it? i dont want prefix i put prefix inside each command
  4. also i have a command /plus and have pl disabled how do i make it only pl/plugin/plugins ??

    ALSO please add each command custom messages :O
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  5. The "ConsoleOnly" option isn't supposed to have a bypass permission. If you want this feature, put the command in the "BlockedCommands" section.

    I'll add an option disable the prefix in the next update.

    In the next update I'll also add a "whitelist". Actually you can't.

    I'll probably add this feature in the near future.

    Thank you for all your suggestions!
  6. Why the players on my server can /co reload and it really realod the plugin?????????[​IMG]
  7. the player on the screen is not OP. he has no perm yet
  8. Your ToS is flawed because the plugin is open-source.