Constant 1,200 players.

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  1. If you had unlimited funding how much money do you think it would take to reach a constant 1,200 players with a 1,500 peak?

    Cost should include: Dedicated Servers, Advertising, Plugins/Developers, Website. Everything that you need for a functional server.

    Post the minimum amount.
    Just wondering post your thoughts down below.
  2. $1000 - hosting
    $5000 - advertising
    $0-infinite plugins - depends on server type, and how much money you are willing to put into other things
    $website - $500
  3. I'd say around £150/£200 per month, this is assuming that you get a OVH dedicated server, rent out slots on .org for a few months and know how to code and use a free forum software such as IPBoard etc, but what would I know? I don't own a server. :D

    EDIT: Ooh... We're speaking about all together and not monthly.. Never mind....
  4. Ash


    Give me 15-20k for ads and another 5k for hosting, I would say around 25k.
    It would get roughly 50k/Month after costs.
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  5. lolwut
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  6. Just a note, this is what i would do if i was rich as hell and was starting a minecraft server.

    15 64 GB OVH Dedicated Server : $4500
    Domain : $8-$25
    Developer : $500~
    Website Developer : $250~
    OVH VPS (webhosting) : $5~
    Staff (hired) : $250-500~

    Advertising: (1 Month #1 Spot)
    : $6,000-$10,000 (2 Weeks #1 Spot) : $3,000-$5,000 (1 Month #1 Spot) : $1,000-$2,000
    SkyDoesMinecraft (1 Video) : $30,000 (Probably)
    ZexyZek (5 Video Series) : $6,000
    JeromeASF (5 Video Series) : $15,000
    AntVenom (5 Video Series) : $12,500
    MinecraftUniverse (5 Video Series) : $7,500
    DeadLoxMC (5 Video Series) : $5,000
    xRpMx13 (1 Video) : $1,000
    TheAtlanticCraft (1 Video) : $1,000

    So adding that all up, it would be max around the $100,000 range.
    And in all seriousness that would probably make this server a 3000 average player server if its setup great and its a network etc..

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  7. To maintain a 1200 average:
    (This excludes getting plugins made/devs/art)
    Assuming OVH cheap stuff:
    6 E5-1620s = $720/mo
    Advertising (To get the average and maintain it)
    .org $3000
    Vikkstar video: $800
    Woofless Video: $800
    ASFJerome video: $2500
    MCLS: $3000
    PrestonPlayz video: $900
  8. dayum sun
  9. Stupidly overkill
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  10. Hosting: 1k

    PW: 1000

    All .org slots with forced hosts & different banners: 20k

    Ssundee & sky dual commentary series of 10 videos: 50k
  11. Xenforo:
    $140 (min)
    $250 (optional)

    Additional website developers (ie. portal page, vote page, etc.)
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  12. It really bothers me that some people think an 64GB E5 would be useful. At the end there's too much ram and not enough percore power therefore leaks everywhere. (Lag) I'd personally get some 8 Core 32GB servers and from there. And no your E3 isn't 8 cores, it's a quad with hyperthreading.
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  13. $250 for what? You should be able to get a great website for $250 (XenForo $140, Portal and other pages $80, XenForo theme $30)
  14. The E5s are good for when you have lots of small servers (ie. minigame networks), since each server is run on it's own thread and E5s are designed to run lots of threads. If you don't allocate all the ram to Java processes, then the GC isn't going to have a big load. No one is forcing you to use all 64gb.

  15. The money is still being spent isn't it?
  16. It's a bit cheaper to get a single OVH than to get two SYSes. If you are creating a mini-game network, then get OVH E5s, otherwise SYS should be fine.
  17. It's pretty dependant on the server and how optimized it is. You could get away with a super optimized server and slap 4 of those on a dual core core 2 duo with 8 gigs of ram. It's all in the optimization. (And going by the 1Gb per 20).
  18. Some kinds of servers (ie. Forge + 150 other mods (Feed The Beast)) simply require a beast server, no matter how optimized it is.
  19. Yeah... That's not something you'd run 8 of on a single E5 with 64GB of ram either way.
  20. If you add TickThreading into it (basically Multithreads minecraft without breaking it too much), then OVH's E5 servers are perfect to run a few of them.