Constant 100% CPU usage

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by Leomelonseeds, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. Recently lots of my players have been complaining about lag. I went to htop and found that the server process is using 99%+ cpu constantly. My RAM usage is fine though.

    I use PaperSpigot, plugins are in the timings report below

    Timings report:
    Startup flags:

    I'm wondering is it some specific plugin causing the lag? Or is it just that my one 2.4 GHz core from OVH can't handle all the players?
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  2. Exactly that. Most Minecraft oriented hosts have 3-4GHz.

    Also 100% = one core, 200% = 2 cores etc.
  3. Ok, what hosting services do you recommend that have good CPUs?
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  4. Well, I'm not allowed to advertise here but you can take a look at this.
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  5. One core of 2.4 GHz is absolutely not going to cut it, no. Minecraft is a single threaded application; you need some good single thread performance (high GHz). This one core now has to not only take care of the (probably) Linux OS, but also the Minecraft server and literally every other application installed on the machine. You first need some more cores since 2 simply isn't enough, and you need some higher clock speed most likely. Without a doubt, getting a dual core would already give you some improvements, but still 2.4 GHz is very low for todays Minecraft servers. I have 8x 4.2 GHz or something on my machine.
  6. So the only issue is my core, not anything else right? Good, im gonna upgrade my server :D
  7. Won't fix it at all. Minecraft is not optimized in using multiple cores, just get a decent Minecraft host with a decent CPU and you won't have issues with that and you probably save money.
  8. By upgrading my server I mean getting a higher Ghz CPU... but it's fine. Based off of the timings reports, do you think I need to remove/add any plugins to optimize my server?

    Also, I checked my cpu and apparently it is a Intel Core Processor (Haswell, no TSX). I looked it up online and it said it was actually 3GHz. Is this supposed to happen? Because the OVH panel says 2.4 GHz...