Constant 100% CPU

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  1. Hello,
    I have been making my server for the past few weeks and the CPU seems to be operating at 100%.
    These are the timings:
    From what I see, it is a problem with the world. But, how does a world with a spawn cause this issue?
    I will be grateful to anyone who can help me.
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  2. What's your CPU specs? Also, could you let your server run and send us new timings, these are taken in some minutes and might be inexact.
  3. It is a server host, I will start the timings for a longer period now.
  4. Try to remove one plugin by a time and see if it’s one of the plugins ... if not check the console to see if anything is getting spammed and lastly contact the host it might be a problem on there side .
  5. Are you using DynMap or any plugin which might overload chunks?
  6. No spam - no plugins. It is the world.

  7. 1 GB for that many plugins might not be enough.
  8. I would recomend prerendering your world. This means load all chunks before a player walks into them.
    [plugin:WorldBorder for example]
    Also you could use plugins, that clear unused items and entitys like clearlag.
  9. It has been tested without any plugins and still had the issue.

    Still the same issue.
  10. Chunk ticks. You could have a problem with red-stone or hoppers. There is probably a plugin that detects redstone clocks.