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  1. Hello Spigot Community,

    Yesterday, I was looking for a vps and i saw and their vps plan has a huge amount of ram and its prices is cheap. Hmmmm Is contabo good or nah?
  2. Please use the search bar. There were like 5 threads in the last weeks
  3. I recommend to get a GRE tunnel from another provider with your contabo dedi/vps. Their DDoS protection is bad.

    In the VPS packages it seems that they oversell really bad.
  4. They're pretty good, decent speeds and performance for a VPS, not recommended for a large network
  5. They actually don't oversell, or at least it doesn't seem like it at all, you should try out their hosting some day
  6. Its just that 95% uptime in their TOS which is really bad. Dont use contabo if you are serious
  7. haha, that's just the tos, and if a hosting has even more uptime, that could also mean they do almost no maintenance...

    Also, that's your own opinion because you're so uptight about it
  8. Well, its my opinion. Op asked about opinions... I had a good experience at contabo, since i was not hosting anything Mission critical. But several daylong network outages are speaking for itsself.

    Probably they fixed it meanwhile, atleast when I had a Server there, they had larger issues every two months.
    Its just my opinion and experience ;) still think they offer great vps and do not oversell
  9. Thank you! This helped me.
  10. Any decent datacenter plans their virtualization with high availability migration. There should be no downtime, look at any other provider.
  11. Just tested their VPS DDoS protection with a 5-10Gbps attack with the LDAP method and it went down within 1 second... Wouldn't recommend for their protection..

    EDIT: The attack got through and the VPS download speed went up to it's max speed...
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  12. You dont buy their Servers for ddos protection, but for excellent price/performance :D you get what you pay for.
    Edit: but thanks for testing! Appriciate it
  13. Their performance is great indeed.. I have as DDoS firewall a OVH VPS running through a GRE tunnel to my contabo VPS since OVH can handle more attacks that I get.
  14. Thats exactly what I would suggest, too :D
    Actually contabos datacenter is located only a few kilometres next to my place. Thinking about to make a internship over there :D
    As we can see, ram is not expensive to rent, as other providers want us to believe.
    They recently switched their vps cpus to v4 xeons. They must have a good income to provide their servers always with good hardware while maintaining these ultra cheap prices. I never found a cheaper provider... even the most crappiest provider want more money for their arm "cpus"
    Please tell me if you have any downtimes ^^. Last time I have been with them the downtimes were just to much for me.
  15. Contabo's Datacenter is too far away from Philippines, My Country.
  16. I didn't have any downtime in the last 24 hours.. I'll let you know :)

    ANyways my VPS runs on their v4's, I have the VPS SSD M right now but I might get some more power soon for my projects
  17. I would say, every major datacenter is to far away from your country xD *notserious*

    Yea 24h is not enough time to tell something about their uptime. I had like 3 times (dont remember) major downtimes in 6 monthes. Networking issues they said ^^
  18. Their last downtime was a week ago
    And they have one planned for tomorrow so...
  19. They are good, i currently use them, great support.