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  1. Hey guys, alot of people recommended contabo for me, how are they if you tried them? and is thier ddos protection good?

    EDIT: would it compare to
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  2. I heard good and bad things about them.. So It's hard to say
  3. Only bump every 24 hours.
    What is a contabo?
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  4. I have been 6 monthes with them.
    Got the smallest ssd vps.
    Well, performance price ratio is incredible good. I had no issues running a highly modded server (50 mods in 1.10), or even a little project with 40 ppl at one time ... The lag is not real.

    But there is one thing you must consider. The downtimes are real. I got like 3-4 major downtimes, which lasted for hours (unexpected, network errors). In addition: from time to time I couldn't reach my vps, dunno if it was my fault or not.

    If you are hosting nothing important (like I did), you are totally fine. But never ever run something mission critical on it. In their ToS availablity is specified with 95%, which is incredible low (OVH is like 99.95%?)

    Good luck :)
  5. Agreed, I have used them in the past, their price to performance ratio is excellent. Though it's their downtime that's a bad one. Though they have a really responsive support team that will work alongside you if you ever have a problem with the VPS/Dedicated.
  6. Google it. Contabo is a german host which offers hosting for nearly a ovh price
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  7. Just try it out :p Take the risk and you'll find out
  8. I have 2 virtual servers from contabo. I promise you that contabo is a great host. So many features for less money. And you will have such good support.
  9. I think the ddos protection is not the best, but i cant say it, i know it from the Community.

    The Server is top, but you have problems with the VNC Console, if u use the Resourcesystem
  10. My friend too server there, was not quite good, server was lagging.
  11. Time4VPS and Contabo use very similar hardware. Both are decent. Contabo tends to have downtimes however, while Time4VPS only doesn't. (In most cases)
  12. Hi @Salman,
    have you tried contabo by now? Thinking about getting a VPS with them, but read some bad things about their service..
    what are your experiences? Would be a great help!!
  13. I use The Minecraft Hosting, my server has only had an issue one in the last 3 years for a few hours.
    No lag stable connections, good company. Decent not great customer service but better than most.
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  14. ? Contabo has not a Minecraft service.
    All VPS are Virtual and not like a root.

    I dont have testet the deticated server.

    I have a VSever
    Performance is good
    Connection stable
    Server stable
    DDOS Protection very bad