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  1. Simple question, is Contabo any good? Their prices compete well with OVH so which is better?
  2. Contabo is good but their ddos protection is poor

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  3. It's a German data center, so how's the latency?
  4. It depends, where are you from?

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  5. NYC, and most players would be N/A
  6. You should ask to their support to provide you a test ip so you can ping it throught the cmd and see the results.

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  7. They are good but not for minecraft. How many players are you expecting? And how many plugins are you expecting to use?
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    Probably around 145ms from NY.
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  9. I host at them right now, the server is doing it's job fine. Only dynmap is lagging it because it needs to render but still the TPS is not going under the 18.

    Average TPS: 19,5 - 20.0* (Without dynmap rendering)
    Average TPS: 18.0 - 19.0 (With dynmap rendering)

    overall it is working fine.
  10. How many plugins and players?
  11. Well I stress tested it but I ran 50+ plugins and alot of players, I have a custom map. Now it is generating the dynmap so not alot of players are allowed temporarily to speedup the rendering progress.
  12. Where are most of your players located? I'm mostly concerned that N/A players would have a poor connection to the German server.
  13. Most from Europe, but some from India, china and canada. And yes those have a higher ping than others but still they say that they have a good playing experience. In my own experience every ping between 10 and 100 is good, before or after that it will lagg.
  14. They will.
    Go do some maths, you can find the speed of light in marine cables and the distances of said cables, youll find the fastest connections from the US to europe are >80ms, add latency from your location to your ISP to marine connection point and youre looking at a theoretical minimum of >100ms, which is a noticable ping. If youre targeting an audience in the US, dont get an EU server and vice versa.
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  15. Yeah, I know, I just was wondering if I could get away with it but it seems a bit outlandish.
  16. Lag due to a too low ping? The fuck are you talking about?
    If a player can choose between 2 servers that are roughly equal in content but one has >100ms ping and the other has ~40ms, which would he play on?
  17. It was more about more performance to price but I see what's better now.

  18. Why are you being offensive immediately? in the past you had PC's that couldn't handle the ping between 1 to 10 because the networkcard would be faster than your processor could handle. Nowadays it is different that's why I keep that margin.

    Next time calm yourself a bit down till you write your comment thanks, keeps it friendly for all of us!

    Well it depends on the player and the friends he has on both or just 1 server. In my opinion it wouldn't matter that I get a message send 60ms later.
    It depends on the person playing.
  19. If I were you just use the server that your comfortable with, I remember I had a server in France (Strassbourg) from OVH and people from North America still had a decent ping so it differs in the matter of the server hardware/performance and the network quality.
  20. Literally impossible, were talking fibre optics cables, slightly under lightspeed... One company cant just have faster light on their private marine cable kek (neither faster light nor private intercontinental marine cables are a thing)
    Unless you mean 100ms is a decent ping, at which point you should reconsider your definition of decent.

    Didnt know we were talking about people playing minecraft on 1980s IBM PCs man, sorry, my bad!
    Didnt mean to come over as offensive though, just flabbergasted at such a weird statement.

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