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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Amokinio, Dec 1, 2016.

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  1. Why do you think their plugins like EssentialsChat, EssentialsXMPP, and all the other side plugins are have been abandoned lol? Because it's not being maintained. Why are you comparing FileZilla? Totally irrelevant. They maintain their code that's why, where as EssentialsX has been left the way it is with few very changes, but its still bunch of bloatware like it has always been. There's nothing wrong with not using EssX. There are countless of warp plugins, tp plugins, economy plugins,whatever EssX has, that all do the same crap, just differently, and maybe better. & Code wise, it could defintely use some improvements just from looking at their Git repo.
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    Eh? What Essentials are you talking about? At the time of this post, the one I use had a build pushed 2 days, 7 hours, 36 minutes ago. The FileZilla comparison was because of your idea that old code = bad code. Just because it's old it doesn't necessarily follow that it's bad.
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  3. Everything like economy, spawn, warping, all that stuff is available to the users. Also whispering and reply, and all that crap that I don't want half the time.
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    Unless permission managers other than PEX do it differently, if you don't have the permission nodes given to the users they can't use any of those features you listed.
  5. Lol, so much hate, I'll continue your project (I sent you a PM). Why you all gotta hate on Cayke, come on guys....
  6. Nobody hates him. I just don't understand the idea of reinventing the wheel and making it closed-source.
  7. Just decompile the damn plugins, they're really bad anyway... making them open source would not help anyone because it would teach them bad habits. Just look at the source code and it's filled with bad conventions. It's reinventing the wheel but making it easily accessible, I mean I don't think it's too terrible to do. A lot of people post random stuff that's already been made because it's their version, I can find around 1,000 plugins that "re-invent the wheel" but are still massively supported.
  8. Yeah but all these "1000 plugins" don't make mess and drama on the forums and being somewhat agressive to people responding.
  9. I don't see where he's been agressive... maybe it's just me though... Also this isn't a "mess", it's just been flamed by a few people. He's not promoting drama either, he's just looking for someone to help him continue this project.
  10. Well, maybe my remark on OP being agressive didn't hit the point, but still:
    I don't see any reason for any "experts" to recode Essentials\CommandBook\<whatever people use nowadays>
  11. Yeah, I can agree with you on that but I think his term for "expert" doesn't really mean "expert", just look at the source codes... Also I mean I wouldn't want a beginner coding possibly really buggy plugins for me that would get terrible reviews (not that his current plugins aren't buggy, they really are)
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  12. You can lock it yourself.
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