Continuously send action bar to player

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by ICoding, Jun 19, 2021.

  1. Hello again!

    How can I send an action bar to the player forever as long as they are connected to the server?
  2. Is there anything specific you want sent to the actionbar?
  3. Yes! I'm trying to recreate Hypixel Skyblock and I want health, defence and mana on the action bar
  4. Send Actionbars with infinite loops with the Bukkit scheduler.
  5. Yes I know that but how would I implement it?
  6. what do you want to make
  7. I said exactly what I wanted to make above
  8. Keep sending to actionbar with BukkitRunnable.
  9. Yes but how do i send an actionbar? Can you send an example?
  10. How about searching and asking?
  11. I just asked...
  12. do Googling...
  13. I tried what google says and it doesn't work
  14. If it doesn't work, it's your code problem. Also you are talking on the wrong forum.
  15. No, this is the Spigot Plugin Help forum so your wrong, and instead of being an ass you can just help me with my problems. If you arent willing to do that, then stop replying to this thread.
  16. With Spigot 1.16 or newer you can send an actionbar message simply by using:
    Code (Text):
    player.spigot().sendMessage(ChatMessageType.ACTION_BAR, "Hello");
    Then just combine that code with a bukkit scheduler.
  17. Then show your code
  18. I tried that already and it didn't work. Btw, I'm using 1.8.8