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  1. Choco


    Spigot is well known for being open source software with tens of thousands of users, and as such, it attracts a lot of contributors to add new features and improve on existing ones. Unfortunately, beyond having the satisfaction of contributing to the server and being a part of the commit history, contributors aren't really recognized. I suggest the addition of a "Contributor" title tag (or badge, similar to donation badges) to give to occasional contributors to the project. With this addition, not only would it reward contributors, it may also encourage more contributions to the project.

    The only caveat with this suggestion is that it may require manual addition to accounts much like how donations are handled, but there are few contributors and new ones don't come along all that commonly. It would be a very rare occurrence to have to add a contributor tag to new contributors. Nevertheless, I think this would be a great way to have contributors recognized when replying on the forums to give some sort of credibility.

    By "tag", I am referring to "Developer", "Resource Staff" or "Patron" tags. By "badge", I am referring to donation badges such as "Cake", "Redstone" or "Nether Star"
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  2. MiniDigger


    You got it twisted, there are ranks (what you called tags, sometimes referred to as badges) and medals (what you called badge)

    I fully support this idea, it would give the fact that everybody can contribute more exposure when you see ppl walking around on the forum with such a badge. Especially after 1.13 landed, that could create a nice increase in contributors
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  3. Choco


  4. While yes I agree with this idea, I think there should be some kind of minimum. For example, would making a pull request, updating one line of code, fixing a code comment or enum value give you the contributor tag? Probably should be after a significant contribution.
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  5. Fixes one messed up character in the description of a method.

    Receives contributor badge.

    Yas, I am a real developer now!

    No really, this would be a quite good idea. Currently, I feel like there is very little intrest in the actual development of spigot. This should hopefully fix this (atleast a bit).

    This should include minor regular commits as wel. You do not have to contribute whole layers of code to be helpful for the development of spigot. (So basically, regular small contributions should give you one as well).
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  6. Choco


    Any change is a significant contribution in my opinion. It moves the project forward regardless of how little of a change it is. You are still considered a contributor even with a very, very small change. Think of what I'm suggesting like the tag you get on GitHub after creating a pull request and having it merged. You get a fancy little "Contributor" tag next to your name when replying to issues or pull requests.
  7. foncused

    Moderator Patron

    Would this be like a lesser version of the Developer tag?
  8. Choco


    I mean, more so of an aesthetic kind of thing in a sense, yes. Developer is reserved for maintainers of the project, of which contributors are not. They should be occasional contributors whom bring forth commits every now and again to forward the project. That being said, those with the "Developer" tag (md_5 and thinkofdeath) would not receive the "Contributor" tag, much like how anyone with the contributor tag would not receive the "Developer" tag (unless md_5 likes them enough and decides they should instead assist in maintaining the project ;)).

    TL;DR: Yes, but no special privileges. Just a badge.
  9. MiniDigger


    Every contribution matters. Small things like this are your entry point for bigger contributions.
  10. clip


    I think this is a good idea but when is the last time a PR has been accepted by Spigot? (might have been yesterday so don't hate on my response, just basing it off the fact most say that Spigot rarely accepts contributions)....
  11. Choco


    I had a PR not merged, but declined and committed with me as the --author, just a couple weeks ago. Since then, there haven't been any pull requests. The last one was 3 days ago but I only just noticed it now. Lol. Before that, around early May was the last PR. Again, this is where the Contributor tag or badge would give a bit more incentive to do so ^-^
  12. What about PRs that are merged in a modified version but based on my PR? Do I get a badge as well for the base idea?
  13. MiniDigger


    As long as it's your code and you got the attribution (git commit author) I guess so
  14. Choco


    My personal opinion would be that if you're present in the commit history, you should receive the contributor tag. It would follow the requirements that GitHub imposes with its contributor tags, that being you have a successful pull request (or in Spigot's case, just being in the commit history because merged pull requests are nearly unheard of). With regards to that pull request, I wrote it without much more reference to your pull request than the mere concept of it.
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  15. I was thinking about this for a bit and I think that the contributor tag is a bit 'too big of a reward' for just some small commit (or just one big one). The contributor tag should be given to people that contribute to the spigot project on a regular basis.

    However, that does not mean you cannot reward people that have some (2-3 or more commits). For them a small badge that says 'this person contributed to the Spigot project' could work very well. Just make sure it's distinguishable from the other (donate) badges (maybe a none minecraft item).
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  16. saphiria



    I think this is a great idea that could lead to some good contributions in the future (some bad ones too from people just wanting the badge) and honor those who have been instrumental to Spigot.

    @2008Choco - do you happen to know how many contributors SpigotMC has? I know how to find this on GitHub but not on that Hub system. Depending on the number of contributors that Spigot has, I think that there are a few good options.

    These two make the most sense to me:
    1. Give the badge or medal to every contributor, regardless of the size or importance. This should be by request (especially if it is for every conversation ever), possibly through a system similar to the username change (required to show proof).
    2. Give the badge or medal to a select few who the development team has identified as a community member who has contributed a substantial amount and deserved to be rewarded for it. This would not be by request and would require a team member to take time out of there day to both find people that deserve it and reward it. Though, you could argue that if you have to find someone to give it to that they do not deserve it.
    A few other things:
    • I do think that a medal (as you called it) is a more likely option to occur since we already have the resourceful trophy.
    • The official term for the resourceful medal (not a donation medal) is a trophy. I believe this could fall under that category.
    • Is it just contributions to software? What about the forums? Or another example, to the SpigotCraft GitHub?

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  17. If it's just a badge, then I think any contribution to any of the projects on stash, no matter how big or small should qualify. Take that 4 y/o girl that contributed to the Linux Kernel as an example. She's no less a contributor than anyone else.

    I can't find a contributors page on stash (I hate stash, btw) but I'm sure something like github's exists for it.

    Why do I think this? To promote more contributions. If 10 people make 50+ contributions that's 500+ contributions. But if 500+ people make 1+ contributions on top of the top committed 10 people, that's twice as much contributions making the project twice as good.
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