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  1. Hello Guys,

    I have been searching for a Control Panel for my Bungeecord server, i have a VPS that i installed linux ubuntu 17.04 on it, i didn't know that most of the Control Panels ( The free ones ) doesn't support linux ubuntu 17.04 yet, so i need someone to give me a ( FREE ) or ( CHEAP ) control panel for my Bungeecord server
    something to manage and edit the server from
    or just something close to this one
  2. My suggestion would be to just downgrade to 16.04
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  3. Doesn't officially support 17.04.

    I suggest downgrading to 16.04 and using pterodactyl, also make sure it's a kvm vps. OpenVZ won't work.
  4. Can i downgrade without losing my Files ??

    i have the worst upload speed around the world, so i don't think ill be able to download the files and upload them again
    so i need something to do without losing the files, or having to upload/download anything :(
  5. Tried it already, it doesn't support 17.04
  6. As @TechXcrafter said, it's probably best idea to downgrade to 16.04 and install Pterodactyl panel. Some projects or software take a while to update to some OS and I guess panels aren't an exception.

    I am not sure how well downgrading on a server will work. You'll have to make backups first.
  7. you didn't even read what i said,
    I said that my internet speed is dead
    look ==>
    I can't make backups or anything

    I don't know anyone who is trusted to do it to me too

  8. Poor internet speed or not, you need to downgrade and you need to make backups. Don't take this the wrong way as it's not meant to be rude, but that poor internet speed is basicly your problem. You could try downgrading without making backups, but I wouldn't recommend it as I've done several upgrades on Ubuntu and even those didn't always go as they should go.

    Just start downloading files from the server and leave your computer on till its done. Do the same with uploading. It would be the only option other than buying another server merely for storing a backup.
  9. Look im going to upgrade my VPS on the next month
    to this one
    before mine ends, and ill be moving the files to the new one

    but im not sure how im going to move them :(
  10. You can move files directly from one server to another without downloading them over SSH.

    On server 1 you would SSH transfer them to server 2. That way you don't download them.
  11. Google is your friend, you should know that
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  12. You could almost litteraly paste my answer in Google and you'd get results... You're not gonna get very far in IT if you can't even Google.
  13. @TechXcrafter
    Well, basically you are always going to have problems, unless you upgrade your Internet Service to something more suitable for FTP.

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