Control Panel Or Console?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by g2uypie, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. Good Day,

    I was wondering what everyone's opinion on control panels were, or if it's more effective to just use the console?

    I am running an 8GB Windows 2016 VPS.

    All feedback is appreciated.
  2. Just use the console on Windows Server. Not worth it to use a panel unless you use Linux.
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  3. Use linux for hosting better
  4. If you know how to use the terminal then a panel is just overhead and is un-needed.
  5. Not necessarily. You can be lazy, you might want to grant someone else access who doesn't want to use the terminal or you don't want to setup user permissions. There's a lot of reasons to use or not use a panel but it's usually personal preference or it's depending on the situation.
  6. 1. The terminal was made for lazy people.
    2. User perms are not really hard to setup. And you would still have to setup perms for users using a panel.
    3. A person who doesn't want to use terminal... What's not to love about terminal?
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  7. Not sure what you mean by the terminal was made for lazy people, but I imagine a terminal is one of the things many people look at and their mind just goes blank. Just like error messages. I know a lot of people that would prefer a few pretty buttons to a scary text thing that (they think) they could make explode by doing or typing the wrong thing.
  8. 1. A panel is simple & easy to use for everyone. A terminal definitely isn't made for lazy people
    2. Hard for someone who doesn't have a lot of knowledge of Linux or Windows, permissions are easier and straight-forward to configure in a panel like Pterodactyl.
    3. Harder to manage your servers on mobile and a terminal isn't user-friendly at all
  9. What you are stating is that you are unwilling to learn and progress. The terminal is one of the easiest things to pick up. Spend half an hour and you will know enough to fully operate a minecraft server.

    Also, on you note about mobile. I would venture to say that terminal is easier to use on mobile than a clunky web client. Using a free app like Terminus you can connect to all your nodes from where ever you are

    Obviously this all just my opinion.
  10. Perhaps you have people you want to grant access to who don't want to spend half an hour or more to use a terminal. I'm not just going to host a server for someone and give them terminal access when they're already basically computer illiterate. It's not unwilling to learn and progress, it's just a lot faster & definitely not easiest thing to pick up for some.

    Managing / typing on a mobile phone is god awful & most of the time when you have to manage servers through SSH on your phone, it's not possible without a VPN due to blocked ports. And a web panel usually isn't blocked by anything, is a lot faster for simple actions such as restarting a server instance. It's literally login, choose server and click on a reboot option somewhere for 99% of the server control panels.

    While using the terminal can be some what user friendly & faster than a web panel, this would require a lot of configuration or experience before hand from an experienced Linux / Windows user.
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  11. If sombody is computer illerate like that, they would be better off speding their time learning to use a computer before running a minecraft server

    That being said, I do see your point. Terminal isnt for everyone. But if you are serious about running a server, it is a must to know how to use the computer you are running on.

    Also, using cell data (which in many cases is unlimited by default now) you can easily access ssh from your phone with no blocked ports. Typing commands on your phone isn't hard, especially when you have an app that is built for connecting to SSH clients.

    Most websites are limited by the features they include. If that is enough for you, by all means, use it. But for the ones who want more a more professional and customized server, using the terminal is often the better route.
  12. I've found that using console is cleaner, especially with windows!!
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  13. ", using cell data (which in many cases is unlimited by default now) " Unlimited isn't free. Cell data isn't free. It all costs money and in some cases it can be extremely expensive.

    "Most websites are limited by the features they include. " Not really, they include everything you'd want most of the time.

    "That being said, I do see your point. Terminal isnt for everyone. But if you are serious about running a server, it is a must to know how to use the computer you are running on."

    I agree that if you're serious about running a server, you should definitely know the basics of Linux or Windows.
  14. As I see it, if you have a phone you are most liklygoing to have a cell plan anyways. Don't make it seem like sombody is forking over money they wouldn't have paid already just because they are using cellular. And sinse when did any ISP actually block the SSH port. Never in my experience. I have been in some of the most firewalled up facilities and they still allowed SSH to pass.

    And I'm just going to flat out rebuke the that they would have everything you'd want. Also the operative word is most of the time meaning not always.
  15. Real men use a console with the root account.
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