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  1. Maximvdw


    For people who get a lot of PM's it would be nice to sort them in some way (or filter them based on last reply ,etc..) since now they are all scrambled based on the last reply.


    Would it be possible to use this add on:

    I would if needed pay for the add on (its $5).
    ^ if you agree on having this add on , pm me and ill send the 5$


    - Maxim
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    I don't think anyone should consider buying Brivium add-ons. There's a lot of suspicious activity associated with their add-ons, such as making multiple unnecessary callbacks (something that could technically allow them to pirate all of your add-ons and styles), creating add-ons that cannot be uninstalled after the license expires, as well as being connected to one of the most notorious pirate communities on the web.

    All of their resources were removed from XenForo because of it.

    A developer could really capitalize by rewriting almost any of their add-ons and putting them on XenForo. I think a lot of people are looking for almost any replacement for a lot of Brivium's add-ons, and if someone wrote solid versions of some of their add-ons, they could probably make a few decent dollars.