Converting from a MultiWorld server to BungeeCord

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  1. I am looking into converting to BungeeCord from a Multi-world server with Multiverse. Does anyone know a way to convert Multiverse-Inventory files into standard files? I would like to get rid of Multiverse-Inventories, since I'm pretty sure it's causing a very nasty memory leak bug.

  2. I think you'd need to reset inventories if you were to do this. OR, you may be able to move multiverse inventories to each individual server and keep the world names the same. Is your mv inventories updated?
  3. It's the latest version... When players change worlds, I can see the RAM usage go up a gb or so, eventually crashing the server.
  4. Hmm. It could be multiverse itself. Update both to the 2.5 dev-build if you have not already and see how that goes.
    I used to have a terrible problem with multiverse, but when I got 2.5, they went away completely.
    Also, if you have done this already, sorry for spewing out useless info :oops:
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    Try looking into the player.dat files.
    Test it out by cloning one of the worlds directory and running it as a separate server.
    If your inventory is shown then it should be safe to transition everything over to their individual servers.
  6. They're both 2.5.x

    I looked into Multiverse's files, and its all stored in there.
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    You could always use Multiverse on the individual servers with the MV directory copied over.
    This would ensure inventories stay intact.
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  8. He would do this but there seems to be an error when players switch worlds....

    Welp, I just derped: do what brajo said, as now that you have each world on a different server, players CAN'T switch worlds.
  9. That is what I might end up doing. It's not ideal, but should work.