Spigot CookieEZ || Cookie Clicker 0.5

CookieEZ is a simple Cookie Clicker Plugin!

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    CookieEZ || Cookie Clicker - CookieEZ ist dein resourcensparendes Cookie Clicker Plugin!

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    Config Update + More Commands

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  3. Hey man, your plugin is buggy :

    In the GUI the name of the items are not working :(

    It's the same for the 2 others !
  4. It isn't a bug, replace the GUI-Names in the config.yml .... use § for colors ;D
  5. Okay ! There is things you should add to your to do list :

    - Leaderboard
    - Upgrades (Cookie per click & Cookie per sec)

    To do something more like the original game :D
  6. Commands + Permissions:
    /cookieez [Shows Plugin-Infos]
    /cookieez open [Opens Cookie Clicker][cez.open]
    /cookieez help [cez.help][Shows Help-Page]
    /cookieez reload [cez.reload][Reloads the config.yml]
    /cookieez stats [cez.stats][Shows your own stats]
    /cookieez quickitem [cez.quickitem]