Cool Creative Server Plugins?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by xVolcanic_, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Hello as you can see my name is xVolcanic_, you can call me Kazuko.

    I'm starting up a creative server, and I need some cool plugins for the players to love.

    I already have a plot plugin, and a gadget plugin, but I want my players to love my server.

    What I'm looking for is something along these lines.

    - A disguise plugin
    - A small MiniGames plugin that fits the creative theme
    - 1.8 Tab Header Plugin
    - A plugin that allows the use of 1.8 blocks
    - Holograms
    - Vote Shop

    If you think you have some other cool plugins I might need just link them!

    Remember to link the plugin please!​
  2. 1. use any disguise plugin out there? Like DiguiseCraft, iDisguise and more
    2. draw my thing aka build it, or other names for it
    3. idk that
    4. carbon
    5. HolographicDisplays with HolographicDisplaysPatch
    6. idk
  3. Use google?