Cool donation rank ideas.

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  1. Hey i am making a new minecraft semi op faction server and i want cool donation kits. There are 5 ranks i need kits for and i want to see some of other peoples ideas.
  2. From my experience as a server owner, don't use kits as your only perk for donators. My advice is to make kits yourself, since you know the server better than all of us you should make the kits yourself. You should know how you would like to set your server up, go from there.

    Hope I gave a little bit of insight on creating your donation ranks :)
  3. make one kit for all ranks:
    - 3x Full dia set
    - 512 xp bottle
    - /eco give 10000000
    - 1024 diamondblocks
    - 64 steak
    - 3x enchantingtable
    - 256 bookshelfs

    Cooldown: 30 sec

    pack it with /gm1 or /op
  4. One that gives the player full op.
  5. Make a kit which gives player all perks of owner.
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  7. Try to make your kits original and not similar to other OPFactions server, be different.
  8. Make a Kit that gives you a potion that will instant kill whoever it's splashed on
  9. Agree with SonofTrion there are too many factions servers out there, to stand out you have to make your kits and titles different