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  1. What is the most effective way to run multiple cooldowns im making a fully customisable gui plugin so the user could basically have up to 54 cooldowns
  2. make array list that contain BukkitRunnble
  3. Map<Player, Map<SomethingToIdentifyTheCooldown, Date>>

    And the date will be the last time they used the cooldown so that you can calculate how much time they have remaining etc
  4. i know that way but that means making lots i need something to run around 54 different cooldowns just for 1 player
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    If you have to put a Map within a Map, you're doing something horribly wrong... let's just ignore the fact that you're storing Player instances, as well as unnecessarily identifying a Date object.

    @OP Read through @ScarabCoder's link
  7. what would you say is most effective for max of 54 cooldowns
  8. Well there is 0 things wrong with nesting maps + you told him to read a reply of someone who nested maps..?

    I agree on player instances though, I'd use UUIDs and what do you even mean by "identifying a Date object"
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    It's much cleaner to use a millisecond timestamp rather then a Date object.
  10. Code (Text):
    Map<UUID, Cooldown[]> cooldowns;

    cooldowns.put(uuid, new Cooldown[54])

    addCooldown(UUID uuid, long expire):
      array = cooldowns.get(uuid)
      for (i : array.length):
          if (array[i] == null):
               array[i] = new Cooldown(expire)

    class Cooldown

    private long expiryEpochMs;

    Only using array here because you wanted limit of 54 - could easily just use List<Cooldown>
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    Correct. There is nothing wrong with nesting maps, though if you're nesting collections of any kind, it's time you make an Object. Scarab happened to edit his post shortly after I recommended reading through the link that he provided. The link in his thread exemplified exactly what I would have said as well, and that's a Map<UUID, Long> to hold the expiration or start time (preference).

    If you're only storing 1 primitive field in your object, there's no reason to have it. Just store the Long
  12. Yes because I didn't want to spend next 10 minutes coming up with methods/variables for it that's his job
  13. It's not really cleaner, if you want to represent a date then just use a Date object...
  14. I think you should make a map for bukkitrunnable id-s!
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    Would you rather use a 4 byte primitive data type, or a 32 byte Date object? I'd personally prefer the value that takes up 1/8th of the space ;) Date wraps a long value, so I see no reason to have it if you've got a primitive alternative
  16. Well 28 bytes per object is a great price for nicer and easier to maintain code, don't you think? After all I don't imagine millions of players joining his server so it shouldn't really matter...