Spigot CooldownsX 3.0.0

A plugin that adds configurable cooldowns to items.

  1. SirBlobman submitted a new resource:

    Enderpearl Cooldown - Simple enderpearl cooldown with a customizable message and timer

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  2. Support for 1.8.8 paperspigot?
  3. 1.8.8 is already supported. If there is an error, please PM me
  4. enderpearl.bypass? To bypass for admins
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  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I will add this
  6. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but whenever I throw a enderpearl it does start a cooldown, but it uses a enderpearl even if i'm on cooldown. if i right click the pearl. I'm on paper spigot 1.8.8 (https://gyazo.com/4d3840f3c1cd2659ebc8438764c57a40)

    Is there anyway you could add support for MVdWPlaceholderAPI:,add a variable to get the remaining time left on your cooldown.
  7. Thanks for the info
    Im currently improving the 1.8.8 support even though that version is 2 years old. I will add support for mvdw later as well
  8. Any chance you can build into the plugin an option for blocking pearls that hit the world border? Thank you!
  9. Hate to keep being a bother. I just downloaded the latest version and the visual bug is not fixed. Now my enderpearls are consumed when I'm on cooldown, If I spam click I can go through a stack of pearls before the cooldown is up.

    Spigot version:https://gyazo.com/8545e8606dec0adbe6fb02569951e4de
  10. I'll do more testing in 1.8.8
    Thnx for the info