'coordinating' multiple servers.

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    Hi, how would i 'coordinate' multiple servers?

    For example:
    Kit pvp server, i kill an enemy, 10 mins later i join the survival server and get 10 emeralds because i got a kill.

    How is this possible? What plugin would i use?
  2. I have seen this done over mysql, but don't know how this would be achieved.
  3. I would suspect a custom plugin would need to be put in place
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    Ok, in that case, how do i go and ping another server (with code), and how do i make my plugin on the other server listen out for incoming packets?
  5. You could have an economy or point plugin on both servers and when you kill an enemy you get money or points. Players balances or points are in a mysql database so the balances are the same on both servers. Set up a shop for emeralds or have a redeem command.
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    What is the difference of me doing that with a plugin?
  7. Just an alternative if you didn't want to code something.
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