Spigot CoordsManager 0.7.1

Save and share coordinates

  1. bukakow submitted a new resource:

    CoordsManager - Allows you to save and share coordinates

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  2. Would work in 1.16.5??
  3. I will add support for 1.16.5 in a moment
  4. Thank you very much! because this could be one of the plugins of the year, great possibilities.

  5. There you go

    It should work perfectly fine on 1.16.5. If you happen to find something weird or barely working - let me know.
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  6. I'm going to try it right now.
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  7. Please try this one

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  8. Works!!
  9. It is possible to add default locations with custom permission? not made by the player. Let's say as if they were public, global locations.
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