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  1. Hi Spigoters!
    I'm preparing a Premium resource (Making the wiki etc.) In the premium resources guidelines thread, I found this sentence: You must be the original author and copyright holder of the work which you are submitting.
    So, does this mean that I need to buy a Copyright license or pay a registration. I have a friend that he have premium resources and I think that he haven't a Copyright license.
  2. Depends on the country. Here in the Netherlands, you automaticly have copyright on whatever you make. Obviously there's limits to keep it realistic, you're not gonna build a dirt house in Minecraft and be like "This is copyright protected", no. However when it comes to writing code, it would be automaticly copyright protected here. I'm if such things as copyright licences exist. Where do you live?
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  3. Oh okay, thank you. In Spain we have "Derechos de autor" (Author rights). So, everyone that creates a literary, artistic or scientific job has this right. I think that this will be OK for spigot :)
  4. You should be perfectly fine if you can simply prove you made it. But still, I doubt that you'd ever need to prove it.
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  5. WAS


    They mean the intellectual copyright owner. This is inherent to any creator of anything released unless explicitly expressed otherwise (licenses, contracts, gifts, etc).

    For example, if I release something without a license (and also rich), and there is proof of ownership and the lot on my side, I could take you to court for just about any reason, at will, on a case-by-case basis, if I had sufficient evidence and material to win such a case, and felt competent to win said imaginary case.

    This is a big issue with images and such online where Facebook, and other entities had to completely remove image (and video, etc) reporting on this basis so you were forced to use a lawyer to contact them.
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  6. JamesJ


    Most countries have automatic copyright protection, as long as you don't use another license on your work already.
    No need to pay for copyright or register for it, as it's automatically provided to protect your IP.
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