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  2. PM me a copy of the jar file and I'll decompile it and show you. What is the permission node for (which Class should I look in)?
  3. hcf.command.(command).[argument]
    Also, just please stop using iHCF and calling it 'custom'.
  4. It's no Ihcf. I will try those
  5. I will send it to you. The class should be factions and staff permission
  6. Also what you mean by argument
  7. @sameem02 I need to know exactly what command you're typing so I can find the permission for it.

    Edit: I decompiled and found this in the code.
    Code (Text):
    permission = ("command.faction.argument." + getName());
    Your permission should be command.<type>.[argument].<argumentType>
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  8. What is argument also how did u decompiled it?
  9. The commands I want for default is.
    All the faction commands like /f create, f mod, f rename.
    The commands for staff to. Like /mod /gms /gmc /fly.
    These are the commands
  10. I'm not sure I totally understand your request. Do you want the permission nodes from the plugin for the factions commands?

    What do you mean when you ask for staff commands like /gmc and /gms? ...and what is "/mod" from? That same plugin?
  11. Rename the jar to .zip, then extract the zip. You won't be able to view the classes, but there should be a file called plugin.yml. Now, there is a chance the plugin author did permissions in here, so check if the permissions are in there. If not, you will need to find someone who can read java so they can decompile it and find the nodes for you.
  12. The plugin is probably Andromeda, a leaked fork of a famous HCF core named iHCF, neither the contributor and the original developer have supplied a list of permissions, but most of the commands are either 'command.(name)' or 'hcf.command.(name)'
    I have access to the source code of this plugin as i have purchased it, in the untouched version it is 'hcf.command.(name)' whlist in edited version like in Andromeda or Saifed's fork it is 'command.(name)'
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  13. Yes it is.