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  1. So If you are like most people you love core protect! I mean if someone wants to know who broke their house just use inspect but this morning my friend got op on my SMP and I was not aware and when I came on he had gotten things for his shop along with him building something anyway I did a global roll back for 1h on him and it said like 44 items 1 entity and such but later I noticed that the golden apples in his chest that he cheated in where still there! So idk why but all the chests he filled with loot still had loot in them anyway after some testing I found out that if a block is removed from the world the player loses the block and also in chests all you have to do is roll it back and you have duped the item because core protect doesn't edit invantorys

    So I want a plugin that works like core protect with like the block data so I can see missing blocks or items ect and also edits invantorys and will revert the chests next time!

    Know of any? P.s. 1.13.2
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  2. From what I know, there are no plugins as good as CoreProtect, you should just learn how to use it better.

    For example , in that case a global rollback wasn't required, you could've just done a rollback of every action that your friend made in the last n hours
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  3. Hm...... there isn't anything better than CoreProtect. But, you can try Logblock.
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    As mentioned above, CoreProtect is the best solution. It will edit a block's inventory (which btw, is how you spell inventory heh) but I do not believe it will affect a player's inventory, no. I could be wrong though; I haven't used it in ages. As FendiTony777 said, you are not using it correctly. A global rollback is a terrible idea, as the work done by other people will also get hosed. Something like this you'd want a user rollback.

    ...and you also want periods. Those are some crazy run on sentences lol
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  5. Yeah there is nothing better than CoreProtect, It is considerably lightweight if you consider the amount of Listeners that that plugin has.
  6. That's what I did
    and no it doesn't do invantorys :(
  7. Please check your first message, you just said you used a global rollback, and i said to do a user rollback.

    global rollbacks delete actions performed by EVERY user in the selected radius. (if not set in the entire world)

    The wiki is explained well and contains every command for CoreProtect.

    Can i get an information rating plz?
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  8. I gotchu ;)

    But yes, as everyone else has stated, CoreProtect is the best plugin for the job.

    Expecting a plugin to log the position of every item/block/interaction in the server within inventories is kind of a big task, and it really isn't in the scope of CoreProtect's use case.
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  10. What
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  11. Prism is 100x better than CoreProtect ever was. In particular, lookups are way better. The problem is that the original author abandoned Prism years ago. But there are some forks that are still alive.

    I have a version of Prism for 1.12.2, which I'm using on my server just fine:

    These guys have a version for 1.14.something:

    Here's the old Prism documentation:

    If you're handy with modifying plugins, you should be able to get it to work on your server. For 1.13.2, go back to Addstar's commit before they started the 1.14 update. Or maybe hire someone to help you.
  12. Thanks, I was actually using CoreProtect and I was starting to get mad at the "The database is busy, try again later"
  13. That's not CoreProtects fault, it's just your server being slow
  14. Yeah... we already run SSDs, with 10gb of ram and 40% load on the CPU. Who knows what it can be.
  15. Huh, that's interesting. I've never had that problem with my server and CoreProtect. I've only seen it say that like 4 times in the last 3 years of using it