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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by o0Julia0o, Mar 8, 2018.

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  1. FAWE is a fork or worldedit while CoreProtect prevents (or rather rolls back) griefing. They are totally different. They really do not do the same thing.

    None the less you should not be using FAWE at all since it can cause a ton of world corruptions the way it works. Use AsyncWorldEdit instead.
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  2. Weaves

    Resource Staff

    Really? I have never had a problem with FAWE. Do you have any examples of that happening?
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  3. Yes. FAWE does some really scoopy stuff. Last time it caused a tile entity error (it was trying to set some chest data somewhere while the chest block didn't exist). I think normal spigot hides those warnings, but paperspigot logs them.
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  4. o.k., how do i compile AsyncWorldEdit?
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  5. I've had no issues with FAWE, and we use it only by the owner/admins, and only during maintenance.

    CoreProtect we use for logging user stuff, and once in a while we use it to check up on naughty people, or help fix griefs.

    They are two different things.

    To be honest, I have yet to notice world corruption, is there any way you can recommend me to check for this?
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  6. I've also not had any issues with FAWE. I own a building-oriented creative server, and on a normal day, nearly every player online is using some type of WorldEdit/VoxelSniper. We've never had any issues with FAWE corrupting anything. A few years ago when FAWE was still starting out, the plugin was glitchy and had a few issues, but more recently, it's a must-have for any of my servers.
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  7. Like I said, PaperSpigot simply throws warnings while normal Spigot ignores them as far as I know. Maybe I still have a warning in a log somewhere.
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  8. @mrfloris @Daphsquid @Weaves

    Here's (part of) the warning I got (I lost the full version):
    Code (Text):
    [18:29:26 WARN]: com.destroystokyo.paper.exception.ServerInternalException:
        Attempted to place a tile entity ([email protected])
        at 11725,39,-4319 (AIR) where there was no entity tile!
    With @electronicboy basically confirming things:

    The config option to remove corrupted tiles actually didn't work and I had to manually place a chest at the location of the error, and then remove it again.
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  9. @MrDienns Has the developer of FAWE said anything about this issue? None of my servers have personally had anything like this happen, but it's probably worth reporting.
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  10. Thank you for the additional info.

    I looked into asyncworldedit but there's some controversy or drama going on over there. The plugin is now or is still premium, the free download is without support and jar files, and the way that thread is going and how it's looked at .. i think i rather risk having to regen a chunk or something once in a blue moon with FAWE.

    The issue about FAWE seems to be a valid one, I will look into it.
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  11. I guess it's a matter of luck I guess? I know plenty of people don't have issues with it, I have a dozen builders working for my server and they use it all the time, without any issues. Oh well, #NeverLucky I guess.
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  12. Tomorrow, new thread by mrfloris: My server won't start, what meaning is thiz! and turns out it's fawe causing corrupted chunks.. and then i owe you $10.
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  13. OP is referring to the `//inspect` and `//rollback` tools in FAWE, but they are strictly for rolling back changes done by WorldEdit and VoxelSniper. It uses the history files created for `//undo`.

    If you need a performance boost with FAWE, use `//fast` to bypass history, or one of the `//anvil` commands. CoreProtect logs block changes individually, and doesn't compress anything, so it's really not ideal for logging worldedit. It'll eat huge amounts of memory, be incredibly slow, and create a large database.

    That's a warning, it doesn't break the server, but I'm looking into it. If you can provide steps to reproduce, I would appreciate it.

    Edit: You can also set `parallel-threads: 1` and `fast-placement: false`, which disables the "snoopy" things fawe does to get better performance.
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  14. So it´s a bad idea to run a server with both: FAWE and CoreProtect?

    So after that FAWE has no performance-advantage anymore vs. Worldedit. But no bug(MrDienns)-problem?
  15. I just checked, from all the servers we have 7 of them that run both worldguard, worldedit, fawe, and coreprotect. They've had no issues.

    FAWE is NOT a block-logger in the sense of anti grief, it's a temporary thing to help you type //undo after changes, and things like that. FAWE is basically like WorldEdit plugin

    Coreprotect is the block logger and anti grief stuff you want, it helps you go back 5 years if you keep record of it and change a flower on a block CoreProtect is basically like LogBlock plugin
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  16. You don't understand. FAWE and CoreProtect are two completely different plugins. FAWE allows people to modify the world on a large scale, while CoreProtect constantly logs block placement & breaking from players, allowing it to be rolled back in case someone griefed someone elses building (destroyed someone elses house). FAWE can also "undo" things, but it can only undo the world modification you just did with the plugin. You can perfectly use both FAWE (or any other WorldEdit fork) and CoreProtect. They do completely different things.

    I see most people don't have issues with FAWE. I guess you should decide for yourself whether you want to take the risk. I personally had a minor warning, nothing serious, but others didn't have any issue at all.

    @Empire92 yes, it's merely a warning and it didn't cause any further issues. It's kinda hard to reproduce. I just used the tool normally and then it just happened. I guess it could be an extremely rare occurance.
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  17. It's a bad idea to expect CoreProtect to handle logging large edits. CP can log everything else fine.

    It'll still be faster than WorldEdit, but only e.g. 10x rather than 100x and it'll still use significantly less memory.
  18. I customized the fawe plugin (re-coded it) for my custom server, it works great, i even got it to act as a coreprotect makeover as it logs changes and u can rollback we havent needed another block logging plugin since, but if so i may just write my own as coreprotect is getting outdated too.
    also core protect was not able to rollback data after i pasted something with fawe, i tried using core protect to roll it back... just curious, it did nothing, not even the blocks that the paste replaced.
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