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  1. Hi,
    I was wondering wich one is better (performance related), becuase I want a plugin to log what my user are doing. I made a little test on my little test server, trying Prism and I think it have too many features (many of them I'll never use it), but also I tryed CoreProtect, and the response was slower (to rollback, or to inspect blocks). I made a little timings test during this test and the results where this ones: - with CoreProtect - with Prism

    Note that I was only making test of the inspector, rollback and restore commands of both plugins. Also with a MySQL database. What I can see on the timings is that Prism consumes more resources than CoreProtect, and in my case I need the one that consumes less, because I dont have a very powerful server (with CCLogger or PlayerLogger I was having lagg).

    So my question is, in your experience wich one is better?, not in features because both meet my expectations (the only things I want is to log are commands, chat, blocks placed, blocks broken), but which one won't affect my server performance?

    Thank you for your help,
    Best Regards.

    P.D: please, give me reasons or examples, thanks
  2. Try Logblock.

    But if I had to choose between CoreProtect and Prism, I would choose CoreProtect. Prism has horrible mysql-Queries and lots of bugs (At the time I tested last)
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  3. joshwenke

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    I switched to Prism and always wanted to switch back to CoreProtect. CoreProtect FTW.
  4. Ok, I'll try LogBlock.

    Someone knows about this plugin?:
    Seems to be very good, but I have never heard about someone using it, is it good?
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  5. joshwenke

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    I'd use anything but SWatchdog. It's... er, problematic.
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  6. I just made a test with it, and doesn't have MySQL support, so the log files will become very heavy by the time :/
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  7. I think I'll stay with LogBlock, seem to log the thins I want to log, and seem to not consume high amounts of resources (little test: Thank you!
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  8. I've been using Prism ever since it came out. It always worked best for me. I'm hosting servers since 11/2010 and I've been using LogBlock, HawkEye, HawkEye Reloaded, CoreProtect and Prism. Prism seems to have the best performance IMHO.
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  9. I had this at one time on my old server, I thought it did a pretty okay job. It seemed pretty user friendly, but I use coreprotect now because it logs worldedit changes.
  10. Hello,

    May i ask how the program works to measure the timings?
    i see the link .
    But where do i get the ID to paste in the program?

    Or are there other soltions to measure TPS timings/usage?


    Edit: nvm i have found it :p thanx anywayz!
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  11. Well, Logblock does also log Worldedit now with the newest Devbuild.
  12. joehot200


    I have always used CoreProtect. Does the job for me.
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  13. I love Prism, great performance after one of the recent updates, as well as many features such as WorldEdit logging.
  14. I've been using CoreProtect since forever, but I haven't tried any of the others so it won't be much of a comparison. I personally really like CoreProtect's interface, WorldEdit logging, and rollbacks/restores. It has been pretty solid for me.
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  15. joehot200


    Ooh. Except one thing:
    Coreprotect used over 20% of my 120GB SSD. 20%!!!
  16. LogBlock/Prism.
  17. I used logblock when it was around probably two years ago? I kept using it... Then when I restarted my server I heard about Prism, tried it, and like it.

    However, I haven't used Prism in a production environment so take this meager endorsement with a grain of salt.
  18. I learned never to use sqlite a long while ago :p.
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  20. externo6


    100% prism, used logblock and prism just seems to have much more useful features, also seems to rollback / restore alot faster.
    sqlite, wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.
    MySQL - Winner