Spigot CoreProtect 21.2

Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores

  1. Intelli


    Intelli submitted a new resource:

    CoreProtect - Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores

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  2. Oh, great to see you moving over to spigot ^.^
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  3. lol moving to spigot just now?
  4. Intelli


    Prepping for CoreProtect v3 ;)

    Still a ways off. But it is under development!
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  5. FINALLY!!! Coreprotect v3 coming out! please !!!
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  6. Wow! Thanks for keeping the project going! I love it %100!
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  7. TitanicFreak


    About time CoreProtect made its way onto spigot.

    I welcome you to spigot and I'm quite sure many others will as well.
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  8. This will arract many people to spigot hopefully. Welcome.
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  9. i like it man! gj
  10. Intelli


    Intelli updated CoreProtect with a new update entry:

    CoreProtect v2.12.0

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  11. Is this a new version of the CP plugin or the same?
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  12. Intelli


    v2.12.0 is a brand new version, just released today!
  13. Hi! I got this problem were skulls dont rollback
  14. Intelli


    Just tested, skull rollbacks and restores seem to work on a clean install of v2.12.0 via standard placement: http://imgdom.com/a/emYwVZw9.png

    What version of CoreProtect are you running, and how were the skulls placed/removed? Does the inspector show any data for the skulls?
  15. SpaZMonKeY777

    Wiki Team

    Thanks for adding this to Spigot (easier to watch for updates), and thanks for all your work on Core Protect! Any sneak peeks at what CP3 will bring to us? :)
  16. Intelli



    Well... I guess I can say that it's going to be open source. ;)
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  17. just wondering is this now updated to 1.8 items as i still keeping getting errors in logs when trying to log banners and 1.8 items, thanks
  18. Intelli


  19. its essential to have :p