Spigot CoreProtect 2.18.2

Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores

  1. by now everyone should be using spigot not bukkit
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  2. so weird thing. I hadn't purged my coreprotect file and someone just griefed my faction's server spawn. couldn't roll it back no matter what... tried many time frames and kept the radius at 100. do i have to purge the .db file like once a week to keep it fresh so it can rollback worldedit commands nicely?
  3. Intelli


    Can you provide a screenshot of the inspector in a spot where it shows griefing, as well as the exact command that you're trying to use?

    In regards to purging, using the purge command will remove old data from the database.
  4. I did /co rb r:100 t:1d

    i was ontop of a huge either //set or //replace cube of sponge, water, lava, stone, obsidian. no screenshot i resetted my factions server.
  5. Intelli


    Are you using AsyncWorldEdit? What version of CoreProtect, WorldEdit, and Spigot are you using?
  6. AsyncWorldEdit latest, CoreProtect 2.12.0, Worldedit 6.0, Spigot 1.8.1
  7. Intelli


    You need to install the appropriate BlocksHub plugins to log changes done by AsyncWorldEdit: https://github.com/SBPrime/BlocksHub/wiki
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  8. Thanks! hopefully now no one can grief with worldedit XD.

    Edit: does it make its own folder or is it even enabled in /pl ? I can't seem to see BlocksHub-CoreProtect in my pl list. and im using linux screen for my console so i cant see if any errors...
  9. 1) might want to post in AWE/blockshub thread
    2) make sure you have "log-blocks" (or whatever it's named, I think there's a typo in the config) enabled in AWE config.
    3) Make sure you have the standard blockshub.jar in as well.
  10. I think i have 3 done. I'll have to check 2 im pretty sure default logs the blocks though.
  11. Intelli


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  12. Intelli


    Great! Is it now logging WorldEdit changes? :)
  13. No idea! but i hope so XD! Im having too much fun testing mythicmobs on my server with awesome effects!
  14. It logs changes as if the player placed/removed the block. Doesn't tag it as a "WorldEdit" action afaik.
  15. SpacePuppeh


    What is the performance impact on a server with this, is it a super light plugin?

    What is the speed difference between MySQL and SQLite? Do either of these impact server performance when logging events, differently?
  16. =/ nvm... the worldedit rollback still doesnt work!
    AWE: config.yml says logblocks: true
    Worldedit: config.yml logcommands: true
    Coreprotect: config.yml worldedit:True

    WHAT DOESNT WORK!?!?! I have blockshub too!

    I have blockshub-coreprotect.jar too!
  17. Intelli


    For logging, it won't impact your TPS regardless of the method, as it's multithreaded.

    For lookups, MySQL will generally be faster. SQLite lookups might be faster on shared hosts where your Minecraft server is on a SSD, and the MySQL server isn't.

    BlocksHub uses the CoreProtect API to log data for AsyncWorldEdit, so make sure "api-enabled" is set to "true" in the config.yml file.

    Other than that, you'll need to contact the developer of BlocksHub/AsyncWorldEdit: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/asyncworldedit.327/

    CoreProtect only has built in support for WorldEdit, not AsyncWorldEdit.
  18. I have installed latest coreprotect on latest spigot 1.8.8 :
    a #creeper exploded and we tried to rollback the hole but the grass was replaced by enchant tables !

    We use Mysql DB
    Any idea ?
  19. Intelli


    Please show the inspector data for one of the enchanting tables.
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